BALAAD 's principle in 3 steps :


Publish your event: Today's menu, Happy Hour, Concert, rental, Offers, etc..


Your event will appear on the world map and will be visible to users who are targeting your area or who are geolocated near you !

They are dialog bubbles that appear on the map. They contain information on the event you wish to promote. By clicking on the event, a discusssion thread will appear along with details concerning the venue.

They are alerts in real time sent to users who targets your kind of activity and who are looking for specific places

They are videos ! Their link will appear in the bubble. they will allow you to present your event in person or to give a foretaste of the activity you propose. Be creative and make your presentation more lively !

BALAAD Pro Offers

The One Shot's

  • Buy per unit
  • 1 BUBBLE = 4 €
    (unique Bubble)

The One Day's

  • Day service option
  • 1 BUBBLE + Push + Vid = 9 €
    (1 Bubble + 1 Push + 1 Video)

One Month

  • One Month Offers
  • Month Access = 59 €
    (1 Bubble + 1 push + 1 video / day for 1 month)

One Year

  • One year Offers
  • BIG THREE = 599 €
    (1 Bubble + 1 push + 1 video / day for 1 yr)

Balaad 's Community

Discover places, share new experiences and allow yourself to be surprised by life !

The Village

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Promote in real time

Create offers and events in real time & Boost your attendance with Offers starting at 4 € !

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Interact with events

Geolocate events, services, offers, cultural and sports activities. Choose the activity that interests you !



Chat on the map

Share your experience in real time. Give people the desire to join you!

The Village

Take part in the events around you and draw people to where you are !

Balaad Pro Offers

Balaad allows any type of venue to promote events in real time.

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How it works

A venue publishes an event on the map and everyone can see it and interact !

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The App

Balaad is available on AppStore and PlayStore! Enjoy the advanced features on your SmartPhone.

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Video Guided Tour

Here we guide you in video so that your Balaad experience is optimal !

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The Social Network

Geolocate, see events in real time, participate in conversations ... Welcome to the Village !

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The Creators' Ranking

Each registered user can be rated by the other members and a world ranking, by country and city is established !

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